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Information To Prepare To Give To Your Divorce Attorney

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When going through a divorce, you likely are having to deal with a divorce attorney to ensure that you receive a fair outcome as a result of the divorce to come. Working with an attorney from a firm like Karp Law Offices can provide you with the information and knowledge that you need to ensure that you go through the divorce as smoothly as possible. Here's what information you need to be prepared to give to your divorce attorney during any meeting:

  • Papers to Bring: When meeting with your attorney, you may want to bring along your social security number, proof of your residency, and at least three years of income tax returns. Your attorney may want to look at this to be sure that your case is more legitimate and you have your finances in order.
  • Spouse Information: On top of providing your own basic information to your attorney, such as your social security number and contact information, you also want to be sure that you provide information about your spouse. You should know your spouse's social security number, address, and contact information, as well. You should also know your spouse's attorney's name if possible, employer information, and their salary. 
  • Know Where You Want Divorce Papers Sent: If you are the one filing for divorce, then you want to be sure that you know exactly where you want your attorney to serve the papers. For example, your attorney can go to your spouse's residence, or place of work. 
  • Information About Marriage: Some important information to put together include the details of your marriage. This is going to help your attorney put together a list of reasons as to why the divorce is legitimate and necessary for your situation. For example, if you experienced any type of abuse during the marriage, or had religious differences, then you should make this known. You will also want to provide paperwork that provides information about any marital therapist sessions that you attended, if any. 
  • Information About the Children: If you have any children, you will want to discuss with your attorney whether or not you want custody. Also, if you have any children from a different marriage, you want to provide information about whether or not you pay child support and how much. Also, be sure that you provide information about who is paying for the children's health insurance. 

Providing all of this information to your attorney can help him or her put together a case for you so that you can be well on your way to getting the divorce that you want or need.