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Injured On The Job While Driving? It's Your Employer's Job To Pay

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If you were running a small errand for the company you work for and were hurt in an auto accident, you may be wondering if they are responsible for paying for the accident.

If they asked you to go and it was something that you were doing strictly for the sake for the company, they should have to pay for the accident and pay you wages for the time when you're recovering. You want to talk with a lawyer, like Randall A. Wolff & Associates, Ltd, about getting compensated for the following things.

Auto Repairs

Did you have to pay your deductible for the auto insurance company to fix your vehicle, along with an increase in your rates because you were in an accident? Did you have to pay for the repairs and are waiting for the insurance company to reimburse you, or are you paying for a rental car? If so, these are the things that your employer should be covering, not you.

Workers Compensation

Are the injuries that you suffered preventing you from going to work every day and earning the wage or salary that you need to survive? Is your company denying you worker's compensation because they don't want to pay you when you aren't there, even though you got injured because you were doing something for them? You deserve worker's compensation and your lawyer is going to fight to get it for you.

Medical Bill Coverage

Are the medical bills coming in and you are barely able to make the co-pays for your treatment? Are you accumulating thousands in medical debt from the accident and you have more therapy and expenses in front of you? These bills shouldn't be your problem; they should be your employers. Your lawyer is going to look at your current expenses to date, along with projected potential costs, and they'll add in your deteriorated quality of life from the accident to come up with an accurate cost for your employer to pay. You'll want to keep a thorough record of your medical expenses during this time and give your insurer and your lawyer copies. 

If your employer didn't insist that you get behind the wheel to do something that was going to benefit the company in some way, then you wouldn't be dealing with the injury that you're dealing with. Call a lawyer and see what your options are to get compensation for all of the financial and mental burdens you've had to deal with because of the auto accident.