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3 Ways Your Divorce Attorney Can Help You

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If you are approaching a divorce, or have already found yourself in the filing process, you might want to consider the benefits that would come from hiring a divorce attorney. Could you technically go through the divorce on your own? Sure, but why would you want to do that when there are so many positives that can come from consulting a professional? Take a few moments to review the following three ways your divorce attorney can make things a lot easier for you.

Files the Name Change Paperwork for You

Besides the petition for divorce itself, you might not want to forget about the paper to change your last name back to your maiden name, if that is something that you desire. Of course, this is not something that you have to do if you just so happen to prefer your current last name. However, if you would rather go back to your old name, this is something that is best petitioned for when you submit all of your other divorce papers as the judge is already taking time to review everything for you. If you wait for a later date, you might find that the request could cost you a little bit more money. 

Fights for Spousal Support Rights

Whether you are going to be on the paying or receiving end, it is the job of your divorce attorney to make sure that the decision made is a fair one. Such support issues can generally be worked out between the two parties involved, without having to ask a judge to make the decision for them. Your attorney will consult back and forth with the attorney for your soon-to-be ex-spouse until an agreement that is suitable for both sides is met. Then, your divorce attorney will ensure that the agreed-upon support matter is properly recorded with the courts.

Acts as a Mediator

Some people are simply unable to speak calmly to each other or find common ground in the midst of a divorce. If you find yourself in such a situation, it is best to allow a divorce attorney to act as a mediator, who goes back between the two of you until agreements are met. This can help keep emotions under control and may help resolve the entire situation a lot sooner.

With the previously mentioned three things in mind, you should have no trouble realizing whether or not you are in need of your own divorce attorney, one like Hart Law Offices, PC.