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Complications That May Arise If You Start Dating Before Finalizing Your Divorce

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Are you going through divorce and wish to start dating another person? If so, hold onto your wishes for a while and understand the effect dating may have on your divorce. Here are three examples of divorce complications that may arise due to such a relationship:

It Could Be Cited As a Reason for Your Marriage Failure

Although you may have begun dating after filing the divorce papers, it isn't easy to prove this to your spouse or the court. This is especially true if you met your current partner before filing for divorce, and you were merely friends. Your partner may cite your new relationship as the cause of the marriage breakdown. In you live in a fault state (states that require grounds for divorce), then your dating (that is now considered adultery) may reduce your alimony or share property distribution.

Pregnancy May Prolong the Divorce

If you are dating someone, and you have sexual relations, then you may impregnate her, or you may get pregnant. If you get pregnant, the court may assume your husband is the father of the child (even if he is not), which will affect custody and child support arrangements. Some courts may also put the divorce on hold until the baby is born so you can determine his or her paternity. Your divorce would be much simpler if you could avoid all these things.

It May Affect Child Custody Arrangements

In many jurisdictions, dating per se isn't a factor in child custody deliberations. However, other issues connected with dating may affect the child custody arrangements. The judge may frown upon your relationship if it doesn't provide a suitable environment for raising children.

For example, if your new partner gets drunk, disorderly, and violent when drunk, then the court may wish to protect the children from him or her. Another way in which dating may affect child custody is if you are on endless outings, dates and vacations at the expense of the children's upkeep. This may seem as keeping your needs before the children's, which may make it difficult for you to get their custody.

If you do decide to date before the divorce is final, don't keep your attorney in the dark about it. Your divorce attorney can help you understand further ways your action may affect the divorce. He or she may also help you with relevant advice on how to mitigate the effect of your new relationship on your divorce.