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Three Situations That Require A Personal Injury Lawyer Besides A Car Accident

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Personal injury attorneys are well known for helping those who have been hurt in an auto accident, but they can help you get compensation for injuries sustained in a wide range of incidents. The following are a few situations that can result in the need for a personal injury lawyer to help you with compensation.

You are assaulted on the job

This is a common occurrence all across the country, but is more common with those people who are working with the public. It could be a retail store, or maybe you are delivering pizzas, but for some reason you sustain injuries from an assault by a customer. Although there may be criminal charges involved, it is still possible, even desirable, to file a civil suit for financial compensation. In the case of a dog bite, there may only be a civil suit available as a remedy. If you are working on someone's property, they need to secure their pet; therefore, if you are bitten while working on private property, you may be entitled to compensation.

You are struck by a car while walking

You would think that a person getting hit by a car would be able to receive the financial compensation they are entitled to, but an insurance company representing the driver of the car will likely attempt to settle for as little money as possible. You may be told that you were not in a marked crosswalk, but the law may state that there was an implied crosswalk where the accident took place. Perhaps the accident happened at night and you are told that you are partly responsible for not wearing bright clothing. You should ignore what a claims adjuster is telling, you and consult with an attorney. A lawyer is working in your interest, and will stand up for your rights and interests.

You are hurt on a business' property

Although this is a broad category, you need to be aware that a business open to the public has a responsibility to keep their property safe. There are many causes of injury on business property that necessitates contacting an attorney. Examples include injuries on escalators, elevators, stairways. tripping over objects and falling due to slippery floors. A common accident in retail stores is inventory falling from high shelves and injuring customers. Regardless of where you are, customers have an expectation of safety, so if you sustain an injury, it may be the responsibility of the business owner.

Always keep in mind that if you have sustained a personal injury, you need to contact a personal injury attorney. It may be a situation like one listed above, or it could be something else. Regardless of the details of the incident or whether it was an accident, an individual or business may be financially responsible.