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Getting Compensated For Injuries In A Hit And Run Accident

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In many instances, the consequences of an auto accident are relatively straightforward. You and the driver of the other vehicle exchange insurance information and the insurers deal with the claim. What happens, however, if you are injured in a hit and run crash where the driver leaves the scene without giving you their insurance details?

If someone leaves the scene on accident without stopping, the first thing to do is to try and get any identifying information, especially the license plate number. If this is impossible, then at least try to remember the make and model of the vehicle, which could help police locate the driver. Always look for any witnesses to the accident once the other driver has fled the scene. A witness might have noticed some of these identifying details.  

If you are ultimately able to identify the hit and run driver, this will strengthen your case if you need to take the driver to court. Juries typically are more likely to award punitive damages to victims of hit and run drivers because the driver has already shown that he or she acts irresponsibly.  

Getting Compensation  

If you are not able to track down the driver, then you must look to your own insurance company to obtain compensation for your any injuries you may have suffered. How you go about covering any medical bills depends on your state of residence.  

In many states, you will need to file a claim that takes advantage of your policy's uninsured motorist coverage. This type of coverage typically covers your medical bill in instances where the other driver does not carry insurance. Uninsured motorist coverage often applies to hit and run drivers, but you will need to check with your insurance company to be certain. 

No Fault 

A minority of states have no fault laws regarding auto accidents. These laws allow you to receive compensation from your insurance company under a provision called personal injury protection. You can simply make a claim with your own insurers for any injuries you suffered in the hit and run accident up to the limits of your coverage. 

Getting compensation for expenses you incur due to a hit and run crash can be rather complicated and might even involve a court case in some instances. For additional info about this complex legal topic, consult an experienced auto accident attorney in your area. Additional information can be found here.