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2 Methods You Can Use To Avoid Paying A Speeding Fine

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If you have experienced being stopped by law enforcement for speeding, you may not be aware of ways you can fight the fine. If you feel as though the charge of speeding is unfounded, there are ways you can possibly get out of paying the fine, or possibly have it reduced. Not only will it save you money on the expense of the ticket, but it will also prevent an increase in your insurance premium. The following are some ways you may be able to avoid the fine:

The Officer Could Not See You Properly

How well the officer can see your vehicle is one of the most crucial parts of the deciding if you will still be held responsible for the fine. If the officer's view is obstructed by an obstacle when you were stopped, you may be able to prove that he or she could not see you well enough to accurately judge your speed or that it was your car that was actually speeding. Ways to prove this to the judge is to take photos of possible obstructions to the officer's view. This can include signage, hanging foliage, roadwork equipment, and any other large item that could block the officer's view of your vehicle.

It Was Another Vehicle Speeding

It is always possible for police officers to make mistakes, especially if you are driving on a heavily traveled road in a common vehicle. It can sometimes be difficult for officers to properly see many vehicles at once on a busy road, especially when there are many curves or hills that make it difficult to differentiate vehicles.

Explain that there was entirely too much traffic for the officer to definitively decide that you were the person speeding. Provide copies of that days traffic report during the time period in which the speeding ticket was issued. Also, take photos of the busy roadway during the same time period to demonstrate how easy it would be to get cars confused when trying to stop a vehicle for speeding.

Keep in mind when you are collecting evidence for court that you should do so as soon as you possibly can. For example, if one of your defenses is that there was a large piece of scaffolding partially blocking the officer's view, you should photograph it before it is removed. Make sure you get all reports, photos, and other forms of evidence before you go to court so that you are ready to properly present your case.

If you have questions about your case or would like to speak to a lawyer for assistance, contact a speeding ticket attorney at Campbell Law Group PLLC.