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When Your Divorce Is Contentious: The Benefits Of Hiring A Divorce Lawyer To Represent You

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When two parties decide to divorce and can come up with an amicable separation agreement, it usually isn't necessary for both parties to have an attorney. Both parties may even be able to work out an agreement through the help of a mediator and present the agreement in court to be approved by the judge. If the divorce is not going smoothly and your ex won't agree to anything, it's time to find a divorce lawyer that can represent you. In addition, your lawyer will be the person who has to deal with contacting your ex so that you don't have to.

Avoid the Harassment from Your Ex Spouse

Part of the stress of going through a divorce is when your former spouse continues to call you or send you messages that are not productive. When you have children together, these types of messages can become even more harassing. If you are stressed out every time you hear a message from your former spouse, it's time to have an attorney who will intercept these messages for you for the time being. While you will eventually need to be able to work together to parent the children effectively, communication can be very difficult at the beginning of a divorce. Your attorney can help alleviate the stress and make the communication more productive.

Know What to Fight For

Assets in any marriage are divided up depending on the type of state that you live in. If you live in a state that has equitable distribution, your marital assets are divided up into what is fair for each party. If you live in a state that is a community property state, all assets of the marriage are divided up in half. It doesn't matter if one party has a much higher earning capacity in community property states, while in an equitable distribution state, this is taken into consideration.

When You Need to Develop a Parenting Plan

A parenting plan addresses the needs of the children of the marriage. The faster you can come up with a schedule for your children, the easier it will be for them to get into the routine. Children need to have a schedule they can count on, and the first step in any divorce is to establish a reasonable parenting plan that provides for the needs and desires of the children first.

If your divorce is going poorly, it's time to get the help you need by hiring a divorce lawyer form a firm such as Cragun Law Firm.