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Have You Been Sexually Harassed In The Workplace?

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Many people of all ages, genders, and walks of life have endured sexual harassment in the workplace. Sexual harassment is defined as inappropriate and unwanted sexual behavior or poor treatment due to one's sex that occurs in a professional setting.

Sadly, many people who experience sexual harassment never report it. Sometimes, they don't even realize it has happened to them.

If you think you may have been the victim of sexual harassment in the workplace, let the human resources department know. You should also speak with an employment attorney to learn about your rights and any forms of retribution you may be entitled to, especially if you experienced job loss or other problems due to sexual harassment.

Remember, sexual harassment takes many forms. Thus, if you have noticed any of the following types of treatment or behavior, seek help.

You've Been Treated Poorly Because Of Your Sex

Have you been treated poorly or unfairly at work just because of your sex? Maybe your employers refuse to let the women at work do a certain job because they think it's suitable only for men, or maybe all the women get promoted while the men get stuck in lowly positions.

Whatever the case may be, if you feel that you have been treated inappropriately due to your sex alone, report it. If others have experienced the same things, you may even want to consider filing a joint report.

You Feel Offended Or Uncomfortable

When sexual harassment happens to you firsthand, it feels awful. However, just witnessing sexual harassment can be traumatic for some people. If you have seen sexual harassment in the workplace and it has made you feel uncomfortable, offended, or like you do not wish to be in your current work environment, you can still file a claim since sexual harassment has affected you negatively.

You've Been Shown Inappropriate Material

Did a boss or co-worker send you explicit text messages, videos, or images? Perhaps someone you work with displays inappropriate photos or books in the office. If you have been shown, purposefully or just in passing, material that is inappropriate for the workplace and of a sexual nature, then you have a valid reason to file a sexual harassment claim.

Sexual harassment takes many forms. These are just a few out of many possibilities. Whatever the case may be, if any type of sexual harassment occurs, don't just let it go. Report it and get the help and justice you deserve. Contact an employment attorney today to learn more.