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What You Should Know if You Are Applying for Social Security Disability

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If you have a mental or physical condition that is disabling in your life, you may be considering applying for social security disability. Getting social security disability can give you some sense of financial stability as you manage your health and well-being while trying to learn to live with your disabling condition. However, if you have never applied for social security disability before, you may be unsure of what to expect from the process. Get to know some facts to keep in mind as you go through the application process. Then, you can feel better prepared as you apply. 

Your Medical Providers Need to Be On-Board

One of the facts to keep in mind when you are applying for disability is that your caregivers and healthcare providers need to be on-board with you applying for and getting disability. A major part of the decision-making process in the social security office is to look at medical records and evidence provided by your medical providers. So, before you submit your application, talk to your doctors. Explain (if necessary) why you believe you need disability. Most times, doctors will understand and be willing to help you in the process. 

You Will Likely Get Rejected on Your First Try

There are several steps in the social security disability application process. The first is the initial application and decision. Most of the time at this initial stage, the application will be denied. This means that they believe you do not qualify for disability. Do not allow yourself to get discouraged by this initial rejection. There is an appeals process to go through to try to get your application accepted. Appeal the decision as soon as you receive your denial letter (you have 60 days to appeal).

You Should Keep Going Until You Get a Hearing

Eventually, after a rejection at the initial and reconsideration stages, you will be able to get a hearing in front of a judge. This is the stage at which more applications are accepted than any other. This allows you to present your medical evidence as well as your personal experiences to the judge. They will then decide if you qualify for social security disability. Do not give up before you get your hearing. This is your best shot at getting your social security disability approved. 

You Need to Hire a Lawyer Before the Hearing

Hiring a lawyer for the hearing is an important step to take in the disability process. After you receive that second denial, it's time to contact a social security lawyer. They can help you to develop and present your case and will be there to help you through the somewhat daunting task of appearing before a judge. You have a much better chance of winning your appeal with a lawyer by your side. 

Now that you know a few of the important facts about applying for social security disability, you can feel better prepared as you begin the process.