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Common Reasons For Deportation After A Marriage

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Deportation is something that you want to avoid at all costs if you intend to return to the United States especially if you have married a US national. Once you have been deported from the US, you won't be able to return for a long time. There are several common reasons for a deportation from the US after a marriage.

Sham Marriages

A common action that draws the attention of immigration authorities is a suspicious marriage. For example, the immigration authorities might notice that:

  • You come from a very different cultural background from your spouse
  • You do not speak the same language as your spouse
  • There is a substantial age difference

Typically, immigration authorities will investigate a marriage to look for discrepancies. For example, they may discover that you do not give the same answers as your partner. They might also discover that your friends and family members were not aware of the marriage. While some discrepancies are normal, there are other discrepancies that might seem suspicious. For example, you and your spouse might give a different answer regarding how you met. 

Mistakes sometimes happen and the circumstances of your life might lead to these discrepancies. For example, you might have a bad relationship with your family and you may have simply not told them about your marriage. You will need help from a deportation defense lawyer to help explain your situation and to avoid actions that may lead to a deportation. 

Previous Examples of Fraud

If you have a history of attempting to assist immigrants get into the country through the use of marriage, the immigration authorities will be much more likely to be suspicious of your attempts to help someone immigrate to the United States. Also, if your spouse received a notice to depart from the United States, a sudden marriage would look suspicious. If you are suspected of engaging in fraud, contact a deportation defense lawyer as soon as possible.


If you and your partner have terminated your marriage within two years, your ex-spouse might be subject to deportation. Many marriages are maintained because one partner fears that initiating a divorce could lead to the deportation of the other.  

Other Fraudulent Activities

If you include any false information on a document, you may be subject to deportation. However, this is often done accidentally and you will want to speak with a deportation defense lawyer if you believe this is a risk.

For more information, contact a deportation defense attorney today.