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Truck Situations That Warrant Assistance From A Semi-Truck Accident Lawyer

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Getting hit by a commercial semi-truck isn't something you probably thought would happen, but it's something many face every day. If you're having to as well, knowing about these truck situations is important because it could mean you have a personal injury claim and then help from a semi-truck accident lawyer would be warranted.

Exhausted Driver

Drivers of semi-trucks are sometimes forced into long drives where they have to meet tight deadlines. They may not get the proper amount of sleep they should and then are sluggish behind the wheel. That can make them less alert and could be the reason why they hit you on the road.

If you believe your accident resulted because of a truck driver's inability to perform effectively on the road because of tiredness, that's grounds for a personal injury claim. A semi-truck accident attorney can then take over and help get you compensation.

Faulty Semi-Rig Component or System

Semi-trucks contain a lot of important components and systems that help these larger vehicles work effectively and safely. Sometimes though, these parts aren't made correctly by manufacturers. There could be defects with them that leave truckers more exposed on the road.

For instance, one of their brake mechanisms may have a defect and prevent them from stopping safely when approaching your vehicle. If you were hit by a semi-truck because of a faulty part or system, that makes the part manufacturer liable for your injuries and vehicle damage. Then you would want assistance from a semi-truck accident attorney.

Negligent Driving Behavior

Even when semi-truck drivers have plenty of sleep and a working rig, they still cause accidents. They may be using negligent driving behavior that puts others at risk, such as changing lanes without signaling or failing to yield near a highway.

If you see that the truck driver didn't obey the correct driving protocol leading up to your accident, then you can work with a semi-truck accident attorney, like those at Law Office of Troy B. Jones and other firms, and go after them for damages. Showing this negligent driving behavior will be easy for your attorney because there will typically be footage from the truck driver's dash cam.

Some drivers are unfortunately involved in accidents with large semi-trucks. It may have been no one's fault and other times, it may have happened because of a faulty part or negligent behavior. Knowing your circumstance is pivotal in knowing when to hire an attorney and going forward with a personal injury claim.