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Property Tax Attorney: Top Reasons Why You Need To Hire One

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Whether for commercial, residential, or industrial properties, property taxes can be a major expense. Property taxes are calculated based on assessments that take into account various factors.

Various rules and regulations provide procedures for filing appeals or tax protests. However, this is a sophisticated process that you wouldn't want to tackle on your own.

A property tax attorney is well versed in the field of tax law. They can handle both legal and technical issues pertaining to your property tax. An attorney can swoop in to save you from a massive tax situation; however, consulting one prior is always advisable.

Here's a look at some of the reasons you need to hire one:

Continuous Reassessments on Property Tax

Reassessment of property tax occurs every few years, but the exact number depends on your state and county. The reassessments are done to ensure that the value of properties is done equitably and fairly.

The reassessments can lead to a significant increase in property tax. An attorney will be the best suit to advise on any change in your property tax and suitable actions to take.

Inconsistent Methods of Valuation

Unknown to many, some assessors may apply a mass appraisal approach in coming up with tax rates for the property. Property tax will be customized since homes differ in shapes, sizes, and designs.

To get a fair rate on your property tax, an attorney will provide the best advice on the proper legal action to take.

File Appeals

If you believe that your property has been overtaxed, then an appeal is the best option for you. As a taxpayer, you have several options when it comes to appealing against the assessments. However, each option provided has a set timeline, which forces you to pay the required amount upon expiry.

Waiting for the tax bill to arrive through your mail can result in you missing out on the timeline. Having a property tax attorney on board will help you keep track of your appeal. An attorney will act as your legal representation in challenging unfair tax amounts awarded to your property.

Complex Laws

It is no lie; the law can be quite a challenging concept to comprehend by a layperson. Only a tax attorney with vast experience can help you understand what is expected of you as per the regulations.


A professional and reputable tax attorney can help you sieve through the complex property tax legislation, providing you with peace of mind. Inquire from friends and family about reputable attorneys you can engage.