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Do You Have PTSD From An Auto Accident? Talk To A Lawyer Even If Some Time Has Gone By

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If post-traumatic stress disorder from an accident caused by a drunk driver has turned your life upside down, it's time to hire a lawyer. With all the problems you already have from being the victim of a car accident, you don't want to add a lifelong illness and complication to the list.

Find an auto injury accident attorney to discuss your accident in detail. The time in which you have to file your suit may vary by state, so start searching for a lawyer today. Talk with the lawyer about these things.

Immediate and Post Accident Health Complications

Detail the list of all the physical and mental injuries you have from the accident. Important injuries to include would be:

  • Neck, back, or brain injuries
  • Anything that required surgery
  • Injuries requiring long-term therapy
  • Stitches or wound care
  • Mental health trauma

You want to take all the evidence that you have from the injuries for your lawyer. This evidence includes but is not limited to:

  • Scans, MRI pictures, or x-rays
  • Photographic evidence
  • Discharge paperwork
  • Therapy reports

You should have all of the evidence from these injuries, along with the bills that came with the services you received and treatments.

Long Term Complications

If you have been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder and you are looking at a lifetime of treatment ahead of you, then you deserve compensation. You have years of therapy, treatment, medical bills, and more. Your lawyer will work hard to make sure that your long-term mental health damage is compensated for properly.

Other Expenses

All of the expenses from the car accident are a burden. The damages to your car, the increase in your insurance, and even the days you may have had to take off work because of your injuries. If you have any other major injuries from the accident, be sure to go over them with your car accident lawyer so they are included in the settlement.

One person's decision to get behind the wheel after they have been drinking shouldn't have you in fear for the rest of your life. This person is responsible for more than just the physical damages that were done, they are also responsible for the lifelong battles you may have ahead of you. Find an auto accident injury lawyer that can quickly start working on your case and who understands how important it is that you get a settlement for what you went through.

Reach out to a local car accident lawyer to learn more.