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You Should Have A Pedestrian Accident Attorney

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Being injured in an accident as a pedestrian who's been struck by a vehicle can cost you a lot. You can end up with serious injuries. Some of them may be with you throughout your entire life from this point forward, requiring regular medical treatments and/or prescriptions. You will likely have lost wages and possibly even have lost your job altogether. There can be other losses as well, ranging from destroyed items you had with you to mental conditions caused by the accident, such as PTSD. This article will go over reasons why you should have a pedestrian accident injury attorney work with you on your case. 

The attorney can help you learn about the complex legalities

For someone with no legal expertise, the legal system can be very confusing. Also, the laws can change quickly, and it can even be difficult to learn what's the current law and what's no longer valid. Then, there is paperwork that can be challenging to fill out and deadlines that are necessary to meet. 

These things make it difficult to navigate the system, and this is just the beginning. The attorney can help you learn about the current laws, explain why they matter to you, and inform you of any changes. They can also help with the paperwork and make sure you don't miss deadlines. 

They will evaluate your case 

Since you're not an attorney, you won't really know where your case stands, and you can't count on the insurance company to be fair with you because they have themselves and the client they're going to be protecting. 

The attorney will evaluate your case, give you the truth with regard to how solid it is, and inform you of what you could really be looking at receiving if you win your case. 

The attorneys will do their own investigation

 When you hire an attorney, they will do their own investigation. This way, they can find more information that can be helpful to your case. 

The investigation can include locating and reviewing video footage of the accident, going over the accident reports, interviewing witnesses, gathering evidence, and more. 

They will determine fault and liability

Pedestrian accidents can be challenging. There are so many complexities, such as possible driver negligence, road conditions, weather conditions, traffic regulations, and more. 

An attorney can assess all the evidence and use their knowledge of the law to build a case that makes liability clear. They can also prove why you should be awarded compensation for your losses, including your physical and mental injuries. 

They will negotiate with the insurance companies

It can be hard to deal with insurance companies. You won't know what you should and shouldn't say, and you'll always have to wonder if they're being truthful or acting in a shady manner. 

A great thing about having an attorney is that they'll take over the communications with the insurance companies. They can also negotiate with them, so you receive a fair settlement without needing to go to court. 

The attorney will provide you with court representation

If you can't negotiate a fair settlement with the insurance company, then your case will end up in court. You'll really want and need an attorney in court if you want a fair chance at winning. The attorney will fight for you; they'll present your case, and they'll challenge the other party to show why you are due compensation.